Four Years Ago... 


Dear Abby,
You are 4 years old today!  Happy birthday my sweet girl!  Here is a little birthday interview I conducted this morning.  I always want to remember these little things about you.

* What is your favorite color?  Red.
* What is your favorite animal?  Birds.
* Who is your best friend?  Rachel.
* What is your favorite place to go?  Storybook Land, Monkey Town, the beach.
* What is something that is really amazing about Jesus?  He goes and gets our boo boos away.
* What is your favorite song?  The Mouth Speaks and When I Am Afraid I Will Trust in You
* What is your favorite food?  Pasta.  And sugar!
* Who are your favorite people?  Omi and Grandma.
* What is your favorite thing to do?  Go to places.
* What don't you like?  Bears and Satan.

Abby, you are sensitive, strong-willed, and you have such a tender heart for Jesus.  Some of my favorite moments are when you talk about how you wish Jesus could hold you and how you can't wait to see Him.  You've brought Mommy to tears as you've sung How Great Is Our God at bedtime.  I pray that the Lord will sustain you, grow your faith, and allow you to persevere in Him all the days of your life.  He is all that matters, sweet girl.  Use that strong will for His glory someday.  Love you Booka!


Jason Tan says:
at: September 8, 2012 at 6:44 PM said...

so sweet! i got a 4 years old daughter too.