Kid Quotes

Dear Girlies,

Here are some of the funny things you've said lately.  I wish I could remember everything, but here are just a few:

Me: Rachel, why do you want the new baby to be a girl so badly?
Rachel: Because girls are much cuter and they're calm.  The boys at church are craaaazy!

Rachel (while I was changing Abby's diaper): Eww that really stinks!
Me: Well, yeah.  Everybody's poopy stinks.
Rachel: Not like Abby's!  Hers is the worst!

Me (while we were all eating dessert): I see two little happy girls over there!
Rachel: And one little happy Mommy!

Abby (while touching her pony tails): Mommy! Horsey tail!

Abby (while sitting on our dog Charlie): Giddy up!

Abby (after peering into the toilet bowl): Poopy! Yucky! Don't touch it!

Me: Abby? Are you ready to be a big girl and use the potty?
Abby: No! (momentary pause) No way!

Sorry for the potty theme.  That's my life at the moment. 

And where does an almost 2 year old pick up phrases like "No way!"?  She cracks me up.